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How do I find a Business Web Host?

It’s difficult these days to have a successful business without utilizing the Internet. When inquiring about your company, most will ask about a website--whether or not you have one, and where to find it. If you are new to the internet game you probably have a lot of questions about how to develop an online presence worthy of the business you have worked to build.

If you have decided to go with a web hosting company rather than run your own site, how do you find the best business web host for your needs? There are thousands of hosting companies around hoping to help you build the site you want for your business. If it’s unfamiliar territory for you, it seems like a logical choice to go with a more well-known name, although it’s not always the best choice. The big name business web hosting sites certainly aren’t the only alternative out there, and shouldn’t be the only sites you check out.

Regardless of which business web hosting companies you look into, there are some questions that you should ask before making a decision on which to commit to.

Since I don’t own the site myself, do I give up control over what the site looks and feels like?
No matter who you choose, you make the decisions on how the site looks and feels. Think of it as renting a building for your store, minus the headaches of upkeep and building maintenance. A web host is responsible for the technical maintenance of your site, while managing your information and data. Essentially, a business web host takes care of the site, and you focus your attention to your business.

Is this a company that I can afford?
Higher price doesn’t always mean better service. Don’t make a commitment and then find yourself mostly paying higher fees for a name rather than quality of service.

Is there a guarantee and what happens if I decide to move my site to a new company?
Make sure that the company you host with has a 30 day money back guarantee. That way you can test their services for a month before making the final decision.

How is customer support handled, and how can I test the quality of support?
Most all web hosting services will provide some sort of support, and it can come if various forms. If you have decided to try a monthly contract, utilize the support staff often to test the way questions and problems are handled. The best business web site host will not only help you with your question, but they will also do their best to further your website’s success.

Is this a business web hosting provider that can grow with my company?
It’s extremely important that you plan for down the road. Most web hosting companies will offer packages that can be easily modified if you need it to be, but that isn’t always the case. Make sure that the agreement you are looking at with a low cost web hosting provider is one that is flexible enough to make changes in the event your site takes off.

If you feel like you are ready to jump into the Internet game, click here for a great business web host alternative!


NEWS: 10/18/05 - Just5BucksHosting.com launches a new system and a new site.
On October 18th, in an effort to reach a larger global market, Just 5 Bucks Hosting joined forces with LiquidNet and DuoServers.com. These new plans and services are in addition to our existing plans and services. All customers that signed up prior to 10/18/05 will still be able to use the HSphere Control Panel system without any changes in their current service. We plan on continuing the HSphere service and will continue to improve and manage the HSphere system indefinately.
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